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I am constantly asked what my thoughts on a detox diet are and I always say the same thing. What for?

To which the answer almost always is “to clean my body of impurities” or “to detox my organs”. I ask if the prospective detoxee (a word I have coined) is aware of the fact that the body cleanses, detoxifies and purges itself constantly no matter what we eat, drink or what lifestyle we lead and my advice to them is always this:

Stay far away from on-line detox diets promising a world of health. An online company or advertisement does not know your medical status nor, to be frank, does it care. Its purpose is either financial or to gain as much exposure as possible. Most of the time these detox diets are not scientific or have any conclusive medical evidence of it working at all. Be wary of truth versus claims.

The ONLY way and I will reiterate that- the ONLY way to detoxify the body is to change the following:

WHAT you are eating;

WHEN are you eating and;

WHY you are eating.

What you are eating is vital as, if your diet is high sugar, highly industrialized, processed and highly fat based foods no amount of water, juice, vegetable, supplement and so forth detox diets will do anything at all to assist.

When you eat is key – eating on the go, in a rush, late at night, skipping meals, incessant eating, yoyo dieting/eating will only add to disastrous effects if added to on/off detox dieting.

Why you eat is most probably the most vital aspect of food consumption and why any form of diet cannot work. Why we eat is in most Westernised food and eating cultures is 70+% psychological. Research done by Elenia K Nutritions found that over 70% of men and women ate not because they were hungry but rather for emotional support brought on by stress related environments, social pressure and media related psychological advertising and, the most stated reason – boredom.

Until these three aspects are fully understood and dealt with for each individual in a healthy and sound nutritional manner no detox diet or any other diet for that matter will ever yield long term positive results. The proof is in the pudding – no pun intended. There have never been more “effective” diets, detox diets and the rest of the plethora of diets than there are today yet the human race has never been more ill, obese or damaged.

We need to understand that toxins are everywhere in the form of free radicals, in GMO foods, chemically enhanced and industrialized foods, contaminated water, pesticides on crop foods we eat and even the environment and all contribute daily to toxins settling and being stored in our bodies. Some ill bodies can find some foods such as wheat, varieties of legumes and vegetables as toxic – not because they might not be but because that specific body is ill either due for example, to digestive issues or organ conditions.

Something as simple as drinking good quality clean water, will aid your kidneys and lubricate the other organs to allow metabolic waste toxins to be flushed out of the body. Adding more raw foods in the form of leafy green salads, vegetables as well as fruits will immediately boost the body’s digestive system to commence peristalsis expelling faecal matter back log in the intestines thus alleviating elevated acidic levels as the toxins from that sedentary build-up of faeces in the intestines is eliminated; added to that the body will absorb the natural minerals and vitamins much faster than any industrialized supplements can. No detox diet needed.

The long and short of it is that a detox diet cannot nor will it ever yield long lasting positive advantages for the true health of the human body in the way a balanced, nutritionally sound lifestyle eating regime can. The easiest way to see it is this:

If what we ate mostly was clean, nutritious, balanced and beneficial to the health of our body’s and, in turn our minds, what need would there be for a detox and ultimately a detox diet?





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