Lishe had the pleasure of being invited to the experience the newly revamped Ribs & Burgers at Menlyn Maine; we have to say, it did not disappoint. Ribs & Burgers stand apart from the sundry of restaurants on the Menlyn Maine strip, it has a European air about it, with beautiful deco and atmosphere.

With mouthwatering offerings made from quality ingredients – from premium hormone-free, grass-fed juicy and tender meat; crispy fries and an innovative combination of the flavors that really dishes sing.We ordered a wealthy portion of their Pork St. Louis Ribs accompanied by an apple cabbage walnut slaw beside a delicious vinaigrette; a bacon and cheese burger alongside their famous chips, a succulent and fresh Greek Lamb wrap and finally a flavorsome chicken bowl with cabbage, avocado, feta, brown rice and quinoa and topped near grilled chicken tenders for a delectable experience.

Images from Ribs & Burgers and some taken by Lishe.

You could never make the mistake of visiting a classic rib and burger spot like Ribs and Burger Menlyn Maine and not order a milkshake – we were excited to taste cookies and cream and for me – the boozy shake with a a dash of Kahlua, followed a gorgeous chocolate ending to our meal ; a light and fluffy brownie served with soft ice cream and a double chocolate mousse.

Goodness on a place – images by Lishe.

The whole experience was made even more memorable by great service from the Ribs & Burgers staff. We were looked after by Lerich and Enough. Good food, good service, kind smile….We will certainly be back.

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