In the words of Randy LaHaie; “It’s not what happens in life, but how we perceive it and what we do about it.

To most people, the thought of being confronted or attacked is terrifying. That’s healthy and normal but not necessarily your most desired response.”

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This is the basis of Fitness Fort’s training and wellness programme; to not just equip clients with the ability to live a healthy life, but the ability to be adequately ready for whatever life throws at you.

It is a holistic approach to fitness – this goes a long way to building self confidence in a client’s ability, but more importantly giving a client who may have been a victim an empowered sense of self. After all healthy living is not just about nutrition and fitness, but wellness as a whole. Speaking to trainer – Renaldo Pio, their approach is about more than just get your body right…it’s about understanding their client’s narrative, customising a programme that not only speak to that narrative, but exceeds it  – to giving them a new narrative that is about living a positive, strong, assured and empowered life…is that not true wellness..

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To find out more about Fitness Fort Private Gym and Lifestyle Center visit their page on Facebook @thefitnessfort and you can call them at 082 558 9949

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