The Rosemary Hill Farm, is truly an oasis , as Rosemary honestly states , it is a beautiful property where guests can reconnect with nature, experience farm life, taste fresh organic gourmet food, explore the trails and find space to breathe. I am sold!! Lishe was truly blessed to have our offer to visit Rosemary Hill accepted by owner Theresa Franken. What a beautiful day it was too, I decide to make it a “bring your younger sister to work” day and fun was had.

We started our morning with a thrilling and fast paced MTB trail guided by the patient Thabo from the Rosemary Crew , followed by a self guided hiking trail with incredible scenery …don’t take my words for it. Go down to Rosemary Hill and experience the magic. Once the tiredness came knocking and all wounds were licked (LOL), it was time for lunch. Our thirst were quenched with a delicious homemade lemonade, followed by an Asian bowl – the words – fresh, flavourful and refreshing come to mind.. if memory serve me , my sister and I fought over the last bits (LOL) , a decadent and crispy beer battered fish came after served with pickled fennel and homemade tartar relish. We were then pursued by unforgettable desserts – a New York styled cheesecake with a coconut biscuit base,topped with seasonal fruit and toasted coconut shavings and a vegan chocolate cake – a chocolate cake made with coconut oil, almond milk, flour and a homemade unsweetened apple sauce. Topped with icing made with vegan butter. Hat off to brilliant Chef Shaun!!

Listen to interview with owner Theresa Franken.

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