Lishe visits Beauty Within Salon and Spa  at the Menlyn Boutique Hotel:

If you are a spa aficionado or a just love to be pampered or even better you’re a newbie, then a visit to Beauty Within Salon and Spa is just want the doctor ordered. The Menlyn Boutique Hotel is the best place to showcase this beautiful spa, it is architecturally breath-taking and the spa itself is place to throw your cares away and they definitely ensure.  The perfect welcome filled with smiles is a great start to a morning of indulgence; I had the pleasure of being treated by massage therapist Malinda. The full Body Massage treatment transported to beyond my cares, to distant lands.  Make it a plan or even part of your bucket list to make a booking with Beauty Within Salon and Spa offers a full range of treatments designed to reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing, you will never regret it!

Interview with Massage Therapist – Madeleine Möller:

Q: Tell us a bit about the Beauty within Salon and Spa?

A: We really trying to treat the client body, mind and soul not just in terms of physical pain, but also emotional pain; so that why our focus is on treating the client holistically (body, mind and soul). We like the client to concentrate on relaxation and enjoy the treatments. We also try to treat every client’s ailment individually as well. We’re lucky to be in a beautiful environment such as the Menlyn Boutique Hotel, which really transports our client and allows for relation to take place.

Q: What is important when coming visiting a spa, especially for those with health issues and how do you help?

A:  We help by offering treatments such as massages and body wraps, these help with increasing the lymphatic drainage, relieve the muscle tension and assist the nervous system. We understand that the body suffers triggers internally and externally.

Q: What kind of oils will you be using for the full body massage and how do these help relax the body?

A:  We use natural oils, mostly in gel form; these oils penetrate through the skin. We use Lillian Terry oils, we have various combinations of oils depending on the treatment and these help increase lymphatic drainage, removing of toxins, we use Lillian Terry massage cups. The various tools we use during our treatments help with the overall treatment of the body.

Q: Can massage help you recover from a strained muscle quicker/ even with your sleep, digestion and mood improvement?

A: It definitely helps with muscle relaxation and can help decrease medical conditions if done regularly

Q: How can people find out more about the spa and the treatments you offer? 

A: You can find out more about Beauty Within on and Beauty Within on Facebook.

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