For years I have finely tuned the Elenia K meal plans and lifestyle eating regimes aimed at the client or patient’s lifestyle, medical needs, stress levels as well as their blood.  I am always asked why do I need bloods – blood testing and analysis results – to develop a meal plan and do I believe in the Blood Type Diet founded by Dr Dadamo. The answer is that I personally do not base my meal plans on anyone’s diet but my own meal plan formulations based on the client’s needs. However I do use the blood type diet guidelines only because doing this for many years I have found the following to happen when I take bloods into account when developing a client’s nutritional eating plan:

Medical conditions such as asthmas, inflations, irregular menstrual cycles and skin rashes and conditions such as eczema not only dissipate they become healed;

Weight management and target is completely reached and the lost weight stays off  perpetually if the lifestyle eating regime is followed for life;

Emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety and insomnia are reduced at such a rate that certain medications are either halved to assist with the conditions mentioned above or stopped all together.

This is what I have seen over the years so in my personal opinion there are great positives from the Blood Type Diet.

Dr Dadamo has along with all the other great Diet Developers such as Dr Banting, Dr Atkins, Dr Noaks, Dr Scarsdale to name a few have all come under fire past and present from opposing medical professionals and the public alike but at the end of the day it is what makes sense to the person who is following the diet that matters and how they feel.

As for me, although I do not follow any diet I do find truth and proof in using the blood type diet guidelines pertaining to your blood and the Lectins – proteins found in the foods we eat – and how they either work or do not work with your specific blood. Eating causes a chemical reaction in our bodies and to me it makes perfect logical sense as to why certain foods that we eat either bloats us or makes us feel a certain way and others do not. This is because the Antigens – the molecule that sits on our red blood cells and is responsible along with the Antibodies inside the red blood cell and this is what makes our blood types different and what makes our bodies either work with certain foods or not. Added to this I have also seen that using blood type friendly foods for specific blood types cause not only a physical reaction but an emotional one too. Thought patterns seem to change and feelings of fear, anxiety and loss of control seem to change to stronger more calm feelings on a daily basis.

Ultimately I do see great significance in using the blood type diet as a guideline to your everyday life however do not restrict or limit all foods. We were given all foods on this earth for a reason and we should explore all tastes and textures. Mother nature did a beautiful job giving us perfect variety.

© Elenia Kolokotronis


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