Lucia Mthiyane is a gifted storyteller. The Kitchen Queen is both a great journey with an incredible cook and recipe book. Filled with childhood and life stories that will entertain and keep you glued… and antidotes that make Lucia Mthiyane fascinating and relatable.

The artwork is rustic chic reminiscent of eras gone by and of course the recipes truly connect to what Lucia Mthiyane’s cooking is about lots of flavor and wholesome goodness.. with great advice on preparation and insightful stories like the page 12 on steamed or baked bread., Lucia’ s tomato sauce is a must for all mothers out there…clean delicious goodness. The Kitchen Queens spice mixes are legendary from the masala mix to the best basic curry mix.

The Kitchen Queen truly does not disappoint with recipes of some of our favorite South African dishes like seafood dishes, samp and beans, Zulu chicken or hand-raised chicken or hard body as some of us know it, decadent curries and maize meal dishes, tripe and of course seven colours… where would we be without mouthwatering desserts and you better believe it the Kitchen Queen is here to please… Chocolate fondant is of my favorites, I’m sure you’ll find something for you too. This is a recipe book that is a keepsake and is like a record you just must play again and again. Thank you Kitchen Queen for taking us with you on this delightful journey. 

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