Review on Future Life Smart oats and ancient grain

I first came across Future Life after a colleague’s husband , a doctor by profession – recommended it to me when I was looking for a healthy meal replacement. I found myself often eating lunch really late, due to a hectic schedule, so I thought an alternative I could consume with ease would make sense, and he suggested Future Life.

It was recommended a second time by a dietician, I saw at the end of last year as an alternative to my absolute favorite oats. It was after this recommendation that I decided to give Future Life a try – the original flavor became my absolute favorite and quite enjoyable. I’ve tried the strawberry, banana and chocolate, but the original is by far the best.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so the other flavors don’t appeal to me. The smart oats and ancient grain flavor is not as sweet as the banana, chocolate and strawberry (its got more of a honey taste) it’s the texture that I don’t quite enjoy. I prefer my Future Life either grainy or smooth and not necessarily both.

I love the fact that Future Life keeps me full for good while. My routine in the morning is have breakfast(6:15am), gym and then the office and I find I snack around 10am not because I’m hungry ,but because I eat according to a schedule. However, I hope you’ll give the new range a try, I still believe that Future Life is stand high above the rest.

Reviewed by Tandile Makuluma – Senior HR Manager and Life coach

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