By Elenia Kolokotronis

As we all know women experience complete loss of ovarian function during menopause, what we might not be aware that a similar occurrence in the form of ovarian disruption and early depletion may be happening to women during reproductive years or child bearing years meaning that this condition is happening in women at younger ages and here is one the reasons why:

Due to psychogenic factors such as stress, fear, anxiety, depression and other serious and long term emotional conditions that in turn lead to chemical medications to deal with these emotional disorders, lack of sufficient sleep, abnormal cravings and bad eating habits exasperated by our nutritionally depleted Westernized diet that in turn leads to weight gain and or obesity that then will lead to hormone imbalances and heart conditions and due to all of the above the natural progression to become sedentary as there is no energy to move or be active and so the negative knock on effect of all of the above will play on the premature ageing and depletion of the ovarian reserve and quality.

As I always tell the wonderful women I work with it is never one thing that is the cause for a condition such as this. It is the amalgamation of many. A young woman that falls into the “fertile” age gap who is the correct weight, height, health and is overwhelmed as she is not falling pregnant due to her ovaries being prematurely aged is all but devastated and cannot understand why or how. I will always ask them how their emotional state is, their sleeping patterns, are they not eating due to stress or eating a little but of the wrong foods? Are they financially or romantically stressed? Are they living in fear? Insecurity? Worry incessantly? Are they active enough?

When we start to peel back the layers into these questions and answers the ladies seem skeptical that stress and the other contributing factors can be the sole responsibility for their ovarian health. But once we delve into the how it all negatively impacts all of their internal bodily organ/hormone/blood/muscle and brain function it is really not that hard to understand and accept.

Simply put premature aging and health of ovaries are directly impacted by a stressed based lifestyle because reproductive depletions are triggered directly from stress or stress related conditions such as fear, anxiety and so on as they are abnormally trigger the entire endocrine system and brain function to function negatively. Besides having these scary results directly attributed to female infertility it can also cause major organ damage and bring on chronic illnesses such as insulin deficiencies and in turn hormone conditions such as ovulation abnormalities, mental health conditions, hear conditions, digestive conditions and other organ illnesses.

Steps to overcoming this type of abnormal condition requires subtle and dedicated steps that are easy to adhere to. Change the environment and lifestyle that is allowing you to live in a stress induced bubble daily, live nutritionally soundly by eating balanced, unprocessed as far as possible and natural foods that will nourish and give your body health and vitality and move more. Surround yourself with good nurturing and positive persons and be kinder to yourself. Your body and mind is the only one you have for the rest of your life. What you feed it nutritionally and emotionally will determine the state of health it will serve you with for the rest of your life.

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