With the market being so saturated with the decadence of chocolate, especially international brands; it is safe to say you will be spoilt for choice
and even possibly overwhelmed. Well, let us make it easy for you , Afrikoa chocolate is not only premium indulgence , but it celebrate all that is African – authentic, vibrate and superior.

Roughly two-thirds of the world’s cocoa is produced in Western Africa, with Ivory Coast being the largest source, producing a total crop of 1,448,992 tonnes. Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon are other West African countries among the top 5 cocoa producing countries in the world. Like many food industry producers, individual cocoa farmers are at the mercy of volatile world markets. It bring comfort to know that Afrikoa is giving power and pride back to the African farmers and communities with cocoa beans farmed in Tanzania.

Lishe got an opportunity to visit the Afrikoa Café at the Keyes in Johannesburg, a beautiful space that will provide you with the full Afrikoa experience from enchanting coffee, to the indulgence of desserts, to premium Afrikoa chocolate and ultimately champagne darling! This space will also be a dream for your next event.

Please listen to our Interview with Raylene van Wyk – AFRIKOA Café – Business Development Manager. (Sound in the background is a salsa class an event that was held at Afrikoa Cafe)


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