Wine is a lovely way to end a hectic day when drank in moderation. Resveratrol is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound found in all types of wine, including red, white, and rose.

Lishe had the kudos of talking to Woolworths on their canned premium wine, the infinitely more recyclable, more compact, carbon-light , on-the-go and so much sexier (winks) .See full interview below:

  • Tell us about your new products in the Woolworths line of single-serve wine, the challenges you face and how you hope to break down the wine’s reservations?
    We have three products in the range. A Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Rosé. They are all organic and sold in a 4 x 250ml can format.
    The main challenge we face is the perception of wine being served out of a can. Many think the wine to be inferior drinking quality, but we hope to break down that reservation by ensuring the wines taste great! Another challenge is how do you drink it? Straight from the can, with a straw or decant into a glass? Ultimately the can is the vessel, which has its advantages, including single-serve, portability and being easy to chill. And how does one normally drink wine? Out of a glass, so for the best experience, open the can and pour into a glass, sit back and enjoy.
  • What do you think has fed the canned wine revolution and how do you hope to evolve the perceptions around wine in a can? Especially with your experience in boxed wine.
    The canned wine revolution has been in global trend for a while, especially in the United States and Europe. The modern wine consumer is lifestyle- and health-conscious, and research shows that they are mindful of the amount they drink, usually choosing quality over quantity (i.e. since they often drink less, they prefer to drink something of great quality than lots of something mediocre).
    In South Africa, the canned wine format launched just prior to the COVID pandemic, and now that we are back to a new “normality” we felt it was the right time to re-launch/ give it a new push. Consumers have started to see the appeal, which feels especially well-suited to the South African lifestyle. We tend to love the outdoors, watching sport and being active and the canned format is a great way to enjoy wine whilst participating in any of these sort of activities. It’s also practical for events or if you are looking for a single serving. We hope with the launch of our canned range to evolve the perceptions around canned wine. The advantages of the format includes portion control, portability, recyclability and affordability.
  • Some question the quality of the liquid itself and have brushed it aside, dismissing canned wine as things for the younger drinker more interested in their Instagramability than the pleasure of the wine itself. Is wine in a can a fad or fantastic?
    Wine in a can is not just fantastic it’s absolutely fabulous! On a serious note, the organic wine in our cans goes through the same quality checks as the bottled version. We work with our producer to ensure that our canned wines deliver on both taste and quality expectations. The liquid itself is no different to the bottled version, and, in fact, our trials have shown that these wines drink better out of the can than the bottle!
  • What do you think Woolworths stands to gain in this segment and the kind of consumer possibilities?
    This segment is still in its infancy in South Africa, but we believe there is great potential for growth. Canned wine should appeal to the more adventurous, younger consumer, and consumers who enjoy an active lifestyle. We think it will also hopefully attract those who drink but want to limit the amount, which a can allows for in a 250ml serving. It will be exciting to see how the format evolves in the wine market. Ultimately it is a new segment that is not looking to replace a bottle or a box – it is just another format that we hope will appeal to the modern lifestyle.
  • What style of wines have been selected for this packaging and why?
    We chose one of our popular Woolies wine ranges – our Organic wine range. The style of these wines have broad appeal with approachable taste profiles that also offer great value. But look out for some fresh new styles coming out in the summer!
  • Wine is such a festive, responsible way to mark transition and just celebrate moments, April being the Easter period. What makes Woolworths wine the premium choice for special moments?
    We have a great selection of wine to suit all pockets and tastes. You can trust that we work to bring you best edited choice of wine to enjoy whatever the occasion. We want our range to inspire – that’s our difference! For the Easter period we recommend our Woolies Signature wine range. This is a range of wines where we have worked with the best to bring you top quality at great value. Toast with our Signature Vintage Reserve Cap Classique by Villiera or savour our Signature Cabernet Sauvignon by Thelema. We know you will find a wine to enjoy for those special moments.

Woolworths shared some food pairings for their wine below, with the weather getting a bit more nippy…it’s definitely worth a try. After all summer bodies are made in winter (one more wink)

  1. Jerk-style oyster mushrooms: (quick, flavour-packed steak alternative)
  2. Brûléed butternut (affordable, substantial)
  3. Spinach-and-broccoli pasta: (quick, easy)
  4. Braaied crudité plate with bean dip: for summer braais)

All credit to Taste Magazine for the recipes.

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