By Elenia Kolokotronis

It really is funny…when our cars rattle, make cranking noises or receive a dent in the door we immediately take it to the panel beaters or car mechanic to sort it out no matter what the cost. Yet when our bodies do the same by means of aches, pains or discomfort we stall, delay or convince ourselves all together that it will pass. This is especially true for Males of the human species.

However, what they need to know is that regular screenings and checkups will not only assist with dealing with whatever ailment they might be feeling or give them a sense of security that their health is in good order – the most vital aspect of regularly checking their health is the benefit of detecting an illness on the onset and dealing with curing it immediately. No truer has the phrase “prevention is better than cure”, but should prevention not be an option at least the sooner the condition is diagnosed the faster and more successful the treatment and cure will be.

Using prostate cancer as the example in this article leads to three mains aspects to consider regarding this specific condition:

1. All men over the ages of forty are urged to regularly screen themselves specifically for prostate cancer as the stake of being diagnosed with this type of cancer for males increases drastically between forty and fifty years old.
2. As prostate cancer is found in almost five out of every 100 men (Kampala Cancer Registry 2014) regular screenings – at least every six months – is vital as prostate cancer statistics are increasing daily.
3. Regular checkups that might find the onset of prostate cancer is a simple and easy way forward to deal with and treat rather than having the cancer spread or be in advanced stages and it being diagnosed too late for treatment. Because there are no real signs or symptoms of prostate cancer other than urinary issues such as painful urination or ejaculation and blood found in these two and or difficulty with urination and so on regular checkups are the only real way of know if one actually has prostate cancer or not.

Nutrition plays a huge role in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancers as eating the right foods aids in prevention of illness by boosting the body’s ability to use the antioxidants in the foods to help fight the causes of cancers and should the person be diagnosed and be receiving medications the vitamins and minerals in the nutrient rich foods will assist to increase the body’s immunity making it stronger to fight infections brought on from a weakened immune system as a side effect from some of the medications associated with prostate cancer. Added a nutritious diet with sufficient food containing fluids (lettuce, spinaches etcetera) and drinking enough water will aid in ridding the body of cancer medications as if they are not expelled by the body through urine they will build up and damage the kidneys and drinking and eating plenty of fluids and fluid based raw foods to enable secretion of urine is vital for males with prostate cancer.

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