Feeling the need to recover from New Year overindulgence? Then maybe is travel is the answer, it’s no surprise that in our stressed world, wellness tourism is meeting the need for adventure with a health experience.

“Africa is so diverse, so raw, so full of natural beauty and so open to the elements; it’s the perfect place to ground yourself and revive all your senses,” said Hannah Strand of Wildlife Explorer.

Wellness is quiet an unexploited opportunity for Africa. However, there are already some outstanding wellness experiences on offer- Westin Hotels & Resorts is one of the leaders of wellness tourism within Africa and worldwide and Lishe got to experience why.

Our morning started with an introduction to the Westin Hotel’s running concierge that gives guests the opportunity to go on a scenic route with an experienced running concierge, we had the pleasure of running with Noor – not only was the path picturesque departing from the Westin Hotel, crossing through the Waterfront leaving the view of the Table Mountain behind, past the pier with the view of the ocean and finally architectural view of the Greenpoint stadium; this was our motivation for completing a worthy 7km run sustained by Noor the concierge’s zest.

We returned to the Westin Hotel Cape Town to stretch and hydrate in their well-equipped gym and then relax in the Jacuzzi pool with views of the Port of Cape Town. The Westin Hotel has made it part of their ethos to ensure they offer client’s a wellness experience that has become vital as a result of the frantic pace of our lives. And meeting the clients need for a place to relax, rejuvenate and heal – mind and body.

With nourishment and nutrition being a significant part of holistic wellness, the Westin Hotel’s On 19 offers a harvest table that will rival many others with its decadents and an array of splendor to meet your heart’s desire.

If that still isn’t what you’re looking for, you’ll be presented with an impressive a la carte menu with wholesome and healthy options. We ordered Superfood containing wholewheat flapjacks served with a berry compote, honey and Greek yoghurt (Superfoods are known to improve well-being and longevity)

The Westin Hotel’s wellness programme speaks to the conscious wellness traveler and as we sat indulging in our nourishing breakfast looking out at incredible views of Cape Town, we had no choice to connect to the stillness and contentment of our morning experience ….if wellness is at the top of your resolution list make a stay at the Westin Hotel Cape Town a must! We’ll certainly be back…

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