With the word ‘wellness’ being such a buzzword, you can never be sure that an establishment will fulfill your wellness dreams. With the endless haste of the world we live in, it makes it that much more essential to find a haven that will help in the difficult mission to find the balance between your mind, body, and spirit – the trinity of living a good life.

Sante Wellness Retreat situated in picturesque Paarl, looks to help you balance your life – through nutrition, exercise, relaxation and expertly created spa treatments. Sante Wellness Retreat is the brainchild of Ingrid and Graham Hindle, one they created to bring the vital pillars of healthy living, and it’s evident through the passion, care, and expertise the duo has created in this reserve.

Innovated by Executive Chef Terrence Ford with the assistance of his remarkable team – you will be amazed by their decadent gourmet creations even though they have a strict free sugar, dairy , gluten, preservatives, colorants and additives rule…I know I was skeptical too; however it is a complete wellness menu and truly enriching.  Sante believes in all things natural, from cleaning equipment to organic alcohol to gardens planted with indigenous, edible and healing botanicals; wellness is an ample holistic philosophy in this beautiful sanctuary.

I was treated to their relaxation treatment through the Sante Wellness Spa – the Pro-Sleep massage, perfect for relieving stress and calming the mind – a full body massage experience that dreams are made of. I fell asleep instantly during the massage; I never knew relaxation and restful sleep until I had the Sante Wellness Pro-Sleep massage. This massage acts on three different sensory pathways – smell through the oils, touch through specialized brushes, and hearing through beautiful soothing music – magical! A must for anyone with a busy lifestyle – Sante Wellness Retreat worth every indulgence.

Listen below to Lishe’s Interview with Sante Wellness Retreat Co-founder – Ingrid Hindle.

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