By Elenia Kolokotronis, Clinical Nutritionist.

Nature sits at the heart of everything we do at Elenia K Nutritions and informs all decision taken;
In life, our profession, our purpose and our company as a whole.

Our slogan is “The brand that has a purpose” and we chose this due to our research, findings and decision that Mother Nature always lead’s us towards our desire to aid our fellow human as naturally as possible in all spheres of our company operations. The purpose of Elenia K Nutritons is to support, aid and heal all who reach out to us by ensuring that our practice and products are shared with truth, knowledge and the profound ability of the living as close to, and as symbiotically with Mother Nature as possible.

Our products are organic, toxic free and all of our packaging is recycled, biodegradable and We are also a zero plastic product company.  We do not believe in empty promises but rather in supporting our bodies by harnessing the abundance of all natural ingredients. We are striving to be the first South African Oncology-friendly product range and all of our products as unisex and non-binary specific.

The move towards a retail range happened by wonderful chance as some lovely ladies whom I worked with who were at the time receiving radiation or chemotherapy that was leaving their skin very sensitive and  liked the fragrance I was wearing and it was Organikos – the first of all Elenia K fragrances that I personally made myself. I gave them some of my own perfume and the product did not give them any reactions or side effects so the orders started from there. The teas, fluid serums, oil gel and bath soak were all developed from ten years of listening to patients needs and developing these products to suit them naturally – no nasty side effects or chemical and toxic ingredients.

All images on this article were provided by Elenia K.

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