Whisk et Voilà (W&V) is a bakery that was founded in 2013 as a relatively small family establishment directed by three sisters; Nyiko Chabani, Sindile Tshifure and Phindile Mashau . Our love for baking combined with the endowing dream of sharing our grandmother’s and mother’s repeatedly complimented recipes to our close friends and family inspired the start-up. W&V service offerings are made to order as per our clients’ request and has caught the interest of diverse clients through our attention to detail and the ability to bring the client’s image to life.

Listen to their story through co-owner – Ms Nyiko Chabani.

Lishe celebrated it’s 4th Anniversary with the beautiful creations from Whisk and Wallah, an delightful lemon and blueberry cake with an extravagant white art piece as a topper (see the photograph above) and an unforgettable red velvet( also seen in a photograph above) – trust when I say, when you have not tasted a red velvet cake until you have had Whisk and Wallah’s re-imagined and mouth-watering red velvet cake. We can’t wait to place an order for another one of Whisk and Wallah’s creation, I hope you’ll join us ; they never disappoint.

Place your order at +2782 361 0909 / +2783 665 0656

See more of their creation on IG handle: @Nyiko & Phindile.

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